TJ Cloutier

TJ Cloutier, Poker Hall of Fame inductee, is a true poker veteran. At almost seventy years of age, Cloutier is also one of the oldest players on the professional poker circuit and the only senior player to appear in the top twenty world poker rankings.

TJ Cloutier Poker Celebrity & Career

TJ Cloutier learnt to play poker in the army. He neglected the game when he left the army to become a professional American football player, a career that eventually ended due to injury. Following his football career TJ Cloutier picked up work on oil rigs in Texas, and was soon playing cards again.

By the late 1980s TJ Cloutier had become a strong enough poker player to earn more money from poker than he was making in his day job. It was at this stage that TJ Cloutier decided to quit the oil rigs and pursue poker as his full-time career.

TJ Cloutier played in his first poker tournament in 1985. At the 16th Annual World Series of Poker Cloutier pulled off an impressive debut, taking second place and a payout of nearly 300,000 dollars. He didn’t play again until 1987 when he won the Pot Limit Omaha tournament at the World Series of Poker to take the modest first prize of $72,000.

Since making his World Series of Poker debut, TJ Cloutier has won six bracelets at poker’s biggest competition. He has never won the main event, but his two 2nd place finishes in 1985 and 2000 prove that he is one of the most skilled players in the world. Furthermore TJ Cloutier is the only player to have won tournaments in all three Omaha poker formats at the World Series of Poker.

Although TJ Cloutier has no titles to his name in the World Poker Tour he is an accomplished participant nonetheless. He has made it to the final table on three occasions and finished in the money on another two occasions. TJ Cloutier’s career earnings are just in excess of $7,000,000.

TJ Cloutier Profile: Playing Style

TJ Cloutier is the proverbial rock when it comes to style of play. He’s a notoriously tight player, which means opponents take him seriously when he plays a hand. Cloutier tends to play only premium poker hands, and believes that this combined with careful observation of his opponents is the key to his success.