Mike Matusow

Mike Matusow is recognised as one of the finest Omaha Hi Low players in the world. Nicknamed ‘the Mouth’, Matusow has worked his way up from being a card dealer to his current position as one of the most formidable poker players in the world. Mike Matusow lives in Henderson, Nevada and is as famous for his ostentatious lifestyle as he is for his larger than life personality.

Mike Matusow Career & Poker Celebrity

While Mike Matusow rates himself amongst the top five Hold’em players in the world, he has claimed the majority of his titles playing Omaha Hi Lo poker. His biggest achievements in the World Series of Poker are a bracelet for No Limit Hold’em in 1999 and another for Omaha Hi Lo in 2002.

Away from the World Series, Mike Matusow has achieved success at the Poker Superstars III tournament as well as various televised poker events. Although Matusow has struggled to win major tournaments consistently, he places amongst the top three often enough to maintain a high profile.

Mike Matusow is an avid online poker player and once claimed $750,000 from an online tournament.

Mike Matusow Profile: Playing Style

Mike Matusow’s behaviour during tournaments has drawn an enormous amount of attention from the media, to the extent that his behaviour often eclipses his skill as a player. Matusow is famous for his continuous banter at the table which often tends to antagonise other players.

His play is generally regarded as being self-absorbed with little focus on other players at the table or their reactions. His biggest weakness as a player is his tendency to make poor decisions when he becomes flustered, often throwing away his stack in the course of a few hands – a phenomenon that has been labelled ‘the Matusow Meltdown’ by fans and detractors alike.

His tendency to become unhinged also leads to some odd behaviour, and Matusow has been known to break into tears on a bad beat. Despite his eccentricities Matusow is one of the most popular high-profile players in the world and possesses and exceptional intuitive feel for the game.

Over recent years Matusow seems to have overcome his biggest weakness, the tendency to spend his fortunes as easily as he wins them. Matusow himself claims that if he hadn’t had his stakes paid by a more senior player during his early career, he would never have made it into the top league of professional poker.