Michael Mizrachi

Michael Mizrachi is one of the most accomplished young guns on the professional poker circuit. Since breaking into the scene in 2004, Mizrachi has amassed a personal fortune the likes of which some of the older players on the tour have taken decades to build.

Michael Mizrachi Career & Poker Celebrity

Michael Mizrachi planned to become a doctor before realising that his true calling lay in playing poker. He picked up the game as a 13 year old, and honed his skills against his brother Robert, who later became a successful professional poker player in his own right.

Michael Mizrachi started his professional poker career playing in a series of regional poker tournaments. In the first several months of his career, Mizrachi finished in the money in several tournaments, before taking his first tournament win at the Five Diamond World Poker Classic.

With some serious money in his pocket, Michael Mizrachi went on a roll, winning $288,000 for finishing 5th a the Jack Binion World Poker Open before winning $1,859,909 at the LA Poker Classic. Michael Mizrachi then went on to win his third poker tournament at the Mirage Poker showdown two months later.

Unlike many of poker’s top money earners, Michael Mizrachi has not built his success on the World Series of Poker. Instead of focusing his attention on tournaments in Las Vegas, Mizrachi plays all over the country and competes in many smaller tournaments.

Despite never winning a World Series of Poker tournament, Michael Mizrachi is one of only two players to have finished in the money in seven different World Series of Poker tournaments during a single season of the event. At present Michael Mizrachi’s career earnings are in excess of $6 million, and the young player has already amassed a tally of eleven tournament wins.

Michael Mizrachi Profile: Playing Style

Michael Mizrachi’s nickname ‘the Grinder’ tells you everything you need to know about his playing style. Mizrachi isn’t one for daring or breathtaking adventure. Instead he sticks to the slow but steady game that wins him tournaments. Mike Mizrachi describes himself as an aggressive player, whilst his opponents describe him as extremely methodical.

Mizrachi is known to be a dedicated online poker player and tends to play at the $100/$200 tables where he uses the nickname ‘Grinder’. Mizrachi doesn’t mind losing big stakes occasionally, and has enough self-belief to carry on playing until the game turns in his favour.