Men Nguyen

Men Nguyen is one of the most experienced and respected professional poker players in the world. His incredible life story has seen him flee from communist forces in Vietnam to Malaysia and then onto the United States where he experienced his first taste of poker in Las Vegas.

Men Nguyen Career & Poker Celebrity

Men Nguyen won his first poker tournament in 1987 following three years spent learning how to play the game from some of Las Vegas’s top players. Instead of becoming a full time professional player, Nguyen invested his money in a string of small business ventures.

These were soon sold off when Men Nguyen realised that he could make more money playing poker than working in his own businesses. Although Men Nguyen has never won one of the multi-million dollar poker prizes, he has been a far more consistent winner on tour than many of the flash-in-a-pan World Series who fade from the game soon after taking the title.

Nguyen is a true all-rounder, and capable of winning tournaments in any of the poker formats. In his career he has claimed over 75 poker tournament victories, finishing in the money over 200 times. Men Nguyen has six World Series of Poker bracelets in his possession.

Aside from his work on the poker tour, Men Nguyen runs a poker school in his Vietnamese community. Nguyen embraces a scientific approach to the game and has trained several emerging players, including David Pham. Nguyen has also used his winnings to fund charitable work and organisations in Vietnam.

Men Nguyen Profile: Playing Style

Men Nguyen is recognised as being one of the most determined and hardworking poker players on the tour, and is known to prepare for tournaments days in advance, researching the players that he is likely to confront during the tournament.

One of Nguyen’s strengths is his ability to read other players, and he places special emphasis on attempting to understand what kind of hands his opponents hold. His special focus on strategy rather than ad-lib play means he is often better prepared, both psychologically and strategically, for difficult tournament situations than his opponents.

Nguyen’s intense devotion to poker has earned him the nickname ‘the Master’. Over the course of his career, Men Nguyen has claimed Card Magazine’s Player of the Year title on four occasions.