Greg Raymer

In 2004 Greg Raymer followed in Chris Moneymaker’s footsteps by winning the World Series of Poker after earning an entry in a low stakes online game. In the course of one tournament Greg Raymer, up until a patent attorney and avid fossil collector, made himself a multi millionaire by winning the $5,000,000 prize at the 2004 event.

Greg Raymer Career & Poker Celebrity

Legend has it that Greg Raymer spent years studying the game of poker online, reading through forums and gradually putting together a solid game before his amazing triumph at the 2004 World Series of Poker.

The following year he proved his first major tournament win was no flash in the pan when he finished 25th at the 2005 World Series of Poker main event – an almost impossible feat given the massive number of entries to the tournament. He might well have gone further if his pair of kings not been trumped by a flush at the end of the penultimate day of play.

Despite his massive win at the 2004 World Series of Poker, Greg Raymer decided against joining the tour as a full time player. Instead he moved to Raleigh North Caroline and restricted his participation in poker to a small selection of events.

Since taking the World Series, Greg Raymer has gone on to win the $320 WCOOP Pot Limit Omaha with Rebuys Event as well as finishing on the final table for the first ever British Poker Open. Greg Raymer is also a frequent online player, where he has won a fortune playing as ‘Fossilman’.

Since winning the World Series of Poker, Greg Raymer has taken a position with the tour as a spokesman, working alongside popular 2003 winner Chris Moneymaker and 2005 WSP winner Joe Hachem.

Greg Raymer Profile: Playing Style

Greg Raymer is almost as famous for his bizarre eyewear as he is for his World Series of Poker win in 2004. Raymer habitually wears a pair of holographic glasses bearing reptilian eyes during major tournaments. Raymer is also well known for using a fossil as a card protector during games.

Greg Raymer is recognised for a solid all-round game, built up over years of painstaking trial-and-error practice sessions. He is adept at reading the reactions of other players, and has a reputation for timing his aggressive plays perfectly.