David Pham

Vietnam born David ‘the Dragon’ Pham is one of the most successful players on the professional poker circuit, and is regarded as the student and protégé of famed professional poker player Men Nguyen.

David Pham Poker Celebrity & Career

David Pham picked up the game of poker whilst working in the laundry business established by his cousin Men Nguyen after his first successful foray into professional poker. Like many of Nguyen’s employees, David Pham was schooled in the art of poker by the ‘Master’ so successfully that he was able to launch a professional poker career for himself in 1999.

David Pham’s first major poker success came in 2001 when he won the multi-format SHOE tournament at the 32nd Annual World Series of Poker. This win proved David Pham’s versatility as he was required to win consistently in several different poker formats, a true test for even the most experienced player.

David Pham’s next big win came at the World Poker Tour LA Classic in 2003. This win earned Pham his first big cash prize, and the Vietnamese player walked away from the tournament almost half a million dollars richer.

Throughout his career David Pham has won consistently in poker tournaments with smaller prizes. It is only over the last five years that he has become a consistent big money winner. In 2006 David Pham won his second WSOP bracelet in the World Series of Poker Shootout No Limit Hold ‘em event, winning another big cash prize.

In 2007 he won $800,000 by taking second place in the World Poker Tour Legends of Poker tournament. He followed this up with another big win at the Bellagio Five Diamond World Poker Classic in December of 2007.

To date David Pham has won over $7,000,000 on the poker tour. He has finished in the money on an incredible 168 occasions, winning 29 tournaments in the process.

David Pham Profile: Playing Style

David Pham earned his nickname ‘the Dragon’ through his ability to ‘put the heat’ on other players during tournament play. Much of his style was picked up from his teacher Men Nguyen, which means David Pham has adopted his master’s scientific approach to the game.

Like Nguyen, David Pham has turned his ability to read other players into an art form, and uses aggressive play and psychological preparation to gain an edge over his opponents.