Dave Ulliott

Dave the ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott is one of the true masters on the Las Vegas poker circuit. One of the few celebrity poker players originating from the United Kingdom, Ulliott has made a name for himself by winning consistently in poker tournaments and cash games.

Dave Ulliott Career & Poker Celebrity

Dave Ulliott was attracted to poker from a young age, and was drawn to the underground poker scene in his home city of Hull. A consistent winner from the start, Ulliott had earned such a formidable reputation as player by the age of 32 that he was forced to relocate to Las Vegas to continue his career.

Ulliott didn’t take long to make a mark on the Las Vegas poker scene. In 1997 he participated in the 28th World Series of Poker. The tournament started badly for Ulliott as he squandered a small fortune on cash games and tournament buy-ins.

Dave Ulliott had to borrow money to buy in to the Pot Limit Hold ‘em tournament and went on to win over $180,000, which he went on to double in cash games over the next several days.

Since winning his first tournament in the World Series of Poker, Dave Ulliot has been one of the most consistent cash winners in Las Vegas. His biggest win was in the 2003 World Poker Tour where he beat a field of 160 contestants to claim a half million dollar cash prize.

The Bellagio Five Diamond World Poker Classic has also been kind to Ulliott, with the British poker star claiming almost a million dollars in prize money in only three tournaments. Apart from his career as a professional poker player, Dave Ulliott also runs his own poker website and is sports betting enthusiast. Ulliott’s success in sports betting has seen him banned from placing bets by many British bookmakers.

Dave Ulliott Profile: Playing Style

With over thirty years of high stakes poker experience beneath his belt, Dave Ulliott has developed all the skills needed to win consistently on the biggest poker stage. Unlike many of the newer players, Dave Ulliott is very quiet during play, rarely giving away any hint of his reactions to events around him.

This quiet exterior disguises the exceptionally aggressive approach which defines Ulliott’s game. Unafraid of risks, Dave Ulliott is a past master at intimidating weaker players.