Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu, also known as ‘Kid Poker’ is one of the most successful players on the professional poker circuit. Negreanu started playing poker when only 15 years old and had won his first World Series of Poker title at the age of 24, making him the youngest ever winner at the time.

Daniel Negreanu Poker Celebrity & Career

Born to a Romanian immigrant family in Toronto, Daniel Negreanu set his sights on becoming a professional poker player while still in his teens. Negreanu dropped out of high school to play poker, and spent a few years playing in Toronto before building a bankroll big enough to allow him to relocate to Las Vegas.

Success didn’t come instantly for Negreanu, and he struggle during his first few years playing at the top level. His first major break came at the World Poker finals where he won two events and was named the tournament’s best all round player as he added over $100,000 to his bankroll.

In 1998 Daniel Negreanu claimed one of the biggest prizes in poker by winning the World Series of Poker Texas Hold’em pot limit event, in so doing becoming the youngest player ever to win a bracelet at the event. In the next decade Negreanu won another two World Series of Poker bracelets, making him one of the few players to win consistently in the event.

Along with notable success in the World Series of Poker, Daniel Negreanu has also claimed two titles in the World Poker Tour and was named the World Poker tour player of the year in 2005. In total, Daniel Negreanu has won over 20 titles, proving himself one of the most consistent winners on the tour.

Daniel Negreanu is one of the top five money winners on the professional poker circuit, and he is one of the all-time highest earns on the World Poker Tour. Negreanu’s financial success is even more impressive considering he has never won one of the big money WSOP main events.

Daniel Negreanu Profile: Playing Style

Daniel Negreanu is popular amongst poker fans for his relaxed, friendly attitude. Negreanu claims that his friendly behaviour at the table is part of his strategy for getting his opponents to let down their guard, allowing him to read them more easily. To help himself relax during poker games Daniel Negreanu listens to recordings of ocean waves.