Chris Moneymaker

The appropriately named Chris Moneymaker was one of the first professional poker players to earn superstar status. He shot to fame in 2003 when he won an entry to the World Series of Poker whilst playing at an online casino. He went on to win $2,500,000 in his first major poker tournament, having had to borrow money from his father to pay for his living expenses during the tournament.

Chris Moneymaker Poker Celebrity & Career

Chris Moneymaker was working as an accountant when he won the entry to the 2003 World Series of Poker whilst playing in online casinos in a poker room at a cost of $39. At the poker tournament he attracted attention with a number of bold plays, including a gamblers bluff against Sam Farha which saw him go all in against a pair of nines with a king high.

Farha folded and from that moment onwards Chris Moneymaker was unstoppable, eventually winning the tournament in a heads up match against Farha with a full house. Since this massive win Chris Moneymaker has made poker his full-time career.

In recent years he has competed in a number of high profile poker tournaments, winning some of the biggest poker tournaments in the world, including the PokerStars Caribbean Poker Adventure, the World Poker Finals at Foxwoods Casino, the WPT Invitationals, the Bay 101 Shooting Stars tournament, and the European Poker Tour Grand Final in Monte Carlo.

Moneymaker has also had good results on the World Poker Tour. In 2004 he finished second in the Shooting Stars poker tournament, taking home a cash prize of $200,000. Apart from playing around the United States in buy-in tournaments, Chris Moneymaker also works as a spokesman for the World Series of Poker.

Chris Moneymaker Profile: Playing Style

Chris Moneymaker is one of the more likeable and relaxed players on the pro poker circuit. He has an excellent ability to read opposing players, and has shown an almost supernatural ability to deduce the strength of his opponents hands.

During play Monkeymaker stays calm and focused and rarely lets other players dictate the flow of the game. Chris Moneymaker mixes him game up well, and is recognised as one of the best bluffers in the business.

Moneymaker’s biggest weakness is his inability to win consistently. Although his behaviour at the table makes him a favourite with fans, he’ll need to win another major championship against top ranked players before he is recognised as a true world champion.