Chris Ferguson

Chris Ferguson is poker’s biggest star. With his long hair, beard and cowboy hat, Chris Ferguson is easily the most recognisable player on the professional poker circuit. Apart from his unusual appearance Chris Ferguson brings a host of unique qualities and abilities to the game.

Chris Ferguson Poker Celebrity & Career

Chris Ferguson’s interest in playing poker was sparked during his studies toward a PHD in computer science. Using his knowledge of mathematics and his father’s knowledge of game theory, Ferguson set out to conquer the poker world in 1994.

Despite the advantage of a background in mathematics Ferguson made a slow start to his career, finishing in the money on sixteen occasions between 1995 and 2000, but failing to win a single tournament.

After five years of hard work Chris Ferguson captured his first tournament title in 2000, winning the 7 Card Stud Limit tournament at the World Series of Poker and picking a prize of $151,000. Two weeks later Chris Ferguson hit the jackpot, winning the tournament’s main event, the No Limit Hold ‘em tournament to pocket the $1,5 million first prize.

The following year Chris Ferguson proved both his skill and versatility by winning the Omaha Hi-Lo Split Eight or Better tournament at the World Series of Poker, a feat that he repeated in 2003.At the 2003 World Series of Poker Chris Ferguson also picked up the title for ½ Limit Hold ‘em ½ Limit Stud, to bring his tally of World Series of Poker bracelets up to 5.

Although Chris Ferguson has only scored one career win in excess of a million dollars, he has grown in strength as a player in recent years, winning big in a several major poker championships in Las Vegas, including a prize of $500,000 for taking first place in the NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship in 2008.

At present Chris Ferguson’s prize money runs in excess of $6 million, and this great player has 11 tournament wins and over 100 cash finishes to his name.

Chris Ferguson Profile and Playing Style

Chris Ferguson draws heavily on his background in mathematics and game theory when playing poker. He claims to study models of poker on computer programs that he designs to assist him in perfecting his strategy. Ferguson also favours an aggressive playing style that puts his opponents under constant pressure.