Allen Cunningham

With 33 tournament wins to his name, Allen Cunningham is one of the most accomplished younger players on the poker circuit. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Cunningham did not build his impressive bankroll with a couple of shot in the dark big tournament wins, but has instead built his career by winning high level tournaments against top players on a consistent basis.

Allen Cunningham Poker Celebrity & Career

Allen Cunningham was studying towards an Engineering degree when he scored his first big break in poker by winning the United States Poker Championship 7 card stud tournament in 1998. This achievement convinced Cunningham to drop his studies and start playing poker professionally.

Although Allen Cunningham was not to win another tournament until 2001, his win at the United States Poker Championship set the stage for steady improvement and Allen Cunningham finished in the money 24 times before claiming his second title at the LA Poker Classic.

During his career Allen Cunningham has been a consistent winner in the World Series of Poker and has claimed five World Series of Poker bracelets. He is also one of the few players on tour who shows signs of improving steadily.

In the last five years Cunningham has edged steadily towards landing one of the big WSOP prizes, and has already claimed a fourth place at the main event at the World Series of Poker, winning over 3 million dollars. Cunningham is also one of the few players ever to have won in the World Series of Poker in three consecutive years.

At present Allen Cunningham has over a hundred money finishes to his name, including over thirty tournament wins. His tournament winnings are destined to pass the 10 million dollar mark in the next year.

Allen Cunningham Profile: Playing Style

Allen Cunningham is a highly skilled player whose analytical abilities and keen intellect allow him to craft out wins where other players would use aggression to bludgeon competitors into submission. Cunningham picked up his poker game while playing at Indian Casinos and also used online poker to hone his skills.

Allen Cunningham’s preferred games are No Limit Hold ‘em and Pot Limit Omaha. He also excels in mixed game tournaments. Unlike many other modern players Allen Cunningham has not used his success in poker to seek the limelight, he has shunned several endorsement offers and is more recognised amongst his peers than the public for his exceptional poker playing skills.